I've yet to meet a man who pushes his edges more than Michael. When most people lean away from the fire that scares them, Michael intentionally leans into it. He plays there... explores there... he LIVES there. That is why he's an incredible coach. Because he's willing to explore the deepest, darkest places that most people hide from. I have such a deep respect and admiration for Michael because every day, he's pushing the limits of what's possible for himself (and for the world)."

Andy Drish Co-Founder at The Foundation

In just under six months of working with Michael I launched a $10,000 coaching program from a Facebook message and have cut the hours I work each week from 40+ to 20 or less. I’m happier than ever, less stressed, and my business isn’t completely disintegrating (as I feared when Michael had me start prioritizing play over work). Michael is a total badass, an amazing coach and exceptional human being. I’m grateful to know him and have his influence in my life and work."

Jonathan Mead Founder of PaidToExist.com

Working with Michael has been tremendous to say the least. He has the uncanny ability to create bulletproof confidence in anyone he comes across. After just one session, I increased my monthly coaching fee from $200/month to $1000/month and got my first client at that price within the week."

Max Nachamkin Founder of InnerGladiator.com

I’m truly grateful to have worked with Michael this year. I launched my blog, improved my relationships, got contacted by 10 prospective employers, negotiated a higher salary, and got my business moving again, all while raising my one year old son. Michael is a gifted coach with a knack for identifying hidden snags and he loves to over-deliver."

Matt Parrett Systems Engineer

Michael is the real deal. He’s constantly expanding himself so he can help his clients expand further. He cuts through the crap and delivers results. If you’re ready to get to the root of what’s stopping you from experiencing all the happiness, health, and success you deserve, talk to Michael."

Phil Drolet CEO/Peak Performance Coach at The Feel Good Lifestyle